Fancy a facelift without the surgery?

CACI, the non surgical facelift treatment everyone loves!

CACI is one of our most popular treatments in the salon. It is a non-invasive face lift treatment making it a great alternative to Botox, fillers and going under the knife. It works as a preventative to minimise the signs of ageing for anyone just starting to get concerns or can be more intense for anyone who is already seeing a lack in muscle tone and definition and needs to give the face more of a lift.

How does it work?

The treatment uses micro current which sends an electrical impulse to the muscles to respond by either tightening or relaxing depending on the area we are working without the physical contraction of the muscle, making it a pleasant and comfortable treatment to have. Think of CACI like a workout for the face. We are re-educating and strengthening the muscles to be where they should be as appose to where they have become accustomed to being due to age, gravity, or medical reasons.

How many treatments will I need?

Results can be felt and seen from just one treatment meaning it is ideal as a pre-event facial, or if you are younger and want to keep your muscle tone in check, it is a great treatment to have once a month for prevention by keeping your facial muscles strong and in place.

If you have lost your muscle tone due to age or because of a medical reason like Bell’s Palsy, you might be seeing visible lines and have lost your definition and you will want the best visible results and results that will last, so for this a course of treatments is recommended. Over the course we build on increasing the intensity meaning that we are always adding on the results we are getting and in order to do so treatments need to be taken in close succession of 2-3 per week.

What are the different treatment options?

So, the most popular treatment is the one-hour signature facial as it works on the whole face and all the facial muscles, lifting everything from the neck and jaw line all the way up to the eyebrows and forehead. Next is the Ultra which combines the muscle work of the Signature with skin work giving the face the full works, perfect if you are also concerned with skin texture and tone.

Then we have the shorter options, these focus on either the lower face (Jowl lift) or upper half of the face working on lifting hooded lids and crows feet (Eye revive). Some people opt for these for their initial course if they only have concerns with these areas and with them being shorter in time, they can be easier to fit into hectic schedules. Then can move onto the full face treatment for maintenance.

How much is a course?

Courses are priced based on 10 treatments and can be paid for as you go or can be paid in full in advance. Courses that are paid for in advance will receive one or two complimentary treatment upgrades depending on the course chosen.

After your initial course of treatments, if you have had a course of 10 and want to have a couple more just to get to where you want to be, these can be added on, or if you are happy then we go on to maintenance treatments which are done every 4-6 weeks to keep muscles in check and remind them of where they need to be.

Along with muscle maintenance a lot of people will also now want to target the skin if we haven’t combined treatments already, and this will mean incorporating Environ or Dermalux into the treatments, but a treatment plan can be discussed at your consultation on what will be the best route for you and your skin goals.

To find out more about CACI and how it can help you achieve your skin goals, book a consultation where we can answer any further questions you might have and discuss a treatment plan bespoke to you.

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