What are the options for your eyebrows?

Eyebrows. We all have them, but some are more blessed than others. Did you overpluck in your youth? Or do you suffer from loss of colour to brow hairs and need more definition. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which is the best choice for you. So, I will talk you through what’s on offer, from the simple options to the more permanent.

Our version of HD brows, all the steps to create the perfect brow using shaping, waxing, threading and tinting.
Brow definition

Firstly, don’t be put off by some of the bolder brows that you see. All treatments are bespoke to you and carried out after a thorough consultation. I will start at the basics. The brow tidy! A simple tidy up of hairs and adding a little definition can give an instant facelift, even for those who have the fairest of hairs and don’t think it would make much difference; trust me, it will. You can opt for waxing, threading or the good old plucking with tweezers, but this option takes longer, so it is rarely the choice of regular brow clients.

Threading is becoming the most popular choice as there is less skin contact, making it great for even the most sensitive skins, and the crisp definition that you get from it is loved by many. Then we have the brow tint – this is one that lots of people worry about the first time, but again the look after can be excellent. Adding colour to the lightest of eyebrows will open up the eye and instantly make you look younger. Colour can be applied and whipped off almost immediately, so don’t panic that you will come out with black slugs (if that isn’t the look you are going for). Another excellent reason for a tint is if you are getting white hairs in your brow, you don’t want to pluck these as you will eventually create bald patches, which will be even harder to disguise down the line, so a bit of tint to even out the colour can give you a fuller brow back. The more recent techniques brought to the beauty world are the HD brow and brow lamination or the fluffy brow. HD brows combine the above techniques in one treatment, and a full reshape and use brow make-up products to finish. HD brows is a brand but have become the buzz name among clients. At Vanilla, we call our version ‘brow definition’. Then we have brow lamination, a treatment that relaxes and tames hairs, so if you have wayward curlies inherited from your granddad or hairs that have a mind of their own and grow in all directions, this would be a great choice. It can also give the appearance of a fuller, thicker brow. Combined with the brow definition, this gives the eyebrows the full works. All these treatments are working with your brows and your hair cycle, meaning on average, they will last around 4-6 weeks. If kept on top of maintenance, treatments are easier to keep your look looking fresh.

Now for a more long-lasting option, you have permanent make-up. It can be referred to as semi-permanent make-up, cosmetic tattooing, eyebrow tattooing, microblading and micro-pigmentation. All these terms that you might come across are the same thing. They are all ways of implanting pigment into the skin, just under the surface, to create a make-up effect/look. Some people say that microblading is the semi-permanent choice and eyebrow tattooing is permanent, however the only different between these are the tool used. Microblading uses a handheld device and the other uses a machine. Most technicians will create the same looks and use similar pigments, so how long they last will be very similar and both will last on average 12-18 months + before requiring a top-up of colour. Over time, the pigments fade, which will vary from person to person due to their skin, aftercare, and the pigments that might have been used. After this time, a colour top-up is recommended to bring them back to full colour and shape again. All procedures should be carried out by a fully trained, qualified and insured artist who should carry out a thorough consultation to ensure that you understand the process, you are happy with who you have chosen to do the treatment, and that you are both happy with your end goal on the look and how this will be achieved.

A soft combination eyebrow using micro pigmentation. Hair strokes at the front of the brow that fades into a shaded technique.
Eyebrow tattoo

I prefer to use the term permanent make-up rather than semi-permanent make up for my treatments, as semi-permanent implies that it will be gone entirely after a length of time. Still, even after a few years, there is no guarantee that all the pigment will completely disappear without the help of a removal method. Style options vary too; there is the popular, natural choice of hair strokes where fine hairs are drawn to mimic the look of real hair; you can also go for a soft shaded or ombré look which looks fuller and denser, similar to an eyebrow that has had make up powder applied and you can go all the way up to a dense powder brow, which is the heaviest look opted for a few years ago when PMU became more popular, but these days most people opt for something in between and the combination eyebrow which is hair strokes at the front that tapers off to a shaded finish is increasingly becoming the most popular style of the moment as it is a full brow look but still with a soft finish. Eyebrows aren’t the only cosmetic make up tattoo that can be done; there is also eyeliner and lipstick techniques.

For any more help in making your eyebrow choices get in touch; we will be able to discuss what we feel would be good options for you.

Aileen x

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