Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is a great way to add pigment into the skin to give long lasting results that last 1-2 years and beyond with colour boost treatments.




Eyebrows have become such an important feature and can make a considerable difference to our eyes and face. Various techniques can be used from hair strokes, to ombré to powder brows, giving a subtle or bold look.

All brows are done after a thorough consultation where we look at colours and shapes all chosen to your individual needs. Pigments heal lighter in the skin and on average two sessions are required.

Price is for two sessions.


From £245

Yes you can have your eyeliner cosmetically tattooed on. A perfect treatment for anyone who struggles to apply eyeliner, has very fair lashes or would just like to have a simpler morning routine. Pigment can be applied just through the lash line to create subtle definition or can be applied more like a make up look to top and or bottom lashes. Two treatments minimum required.

Price is for two treatments


Lip colour

From £245

Give your lips maximum definition with a full lipstick effect, or opt for a more subtle blush of colour. Great to bring back definition and make lips look fuller without the need for fillers, and give long lasting smudge free lipstick.

Price includes two sessions.

Colour Boosts

From £150

Colour boosts are recommended every 12-18 months to keep your make up looking fresh, as over time it will lighten and fade. Sometimes additional touch ups may be required after your initial treatment, prices may also vary if pmu has been done previously by a different technician, but any recommendations for these will be discussed at consultation.


Colour Correction And Removal

From £50

Pigment can be lifted and lightened to improve colour or t lift unwanted pigment before a new procedure. Please book a consultation to discuss your needs as several procedures may be required.